Tuesday, 6 March 2012

10 things that would make me happy...

1. Adventures, journeys, travel. New faces, new places.

2. Doing something worthwhile, productive and positive that makes a difference, no matter how small.

3. Living in a world of sounds and music, beauty and colour.

4. Reading and writing. Capturing the moments that matter.

5. Standing on the brink of fear and seeing over to the other side.

6. 'Excitement and danger, love from a stranger'

7. Living in the moment - no regrets, even if the moment is crazy and someone that 'isn't you' takes over

8. Living a life where I trust my instincts, live for the moment and follow my heart and not my head (as the heart has all the fun)

9. Seeing new cultures, new languages, religions and people and exploring their ways of doings things

10. Ensuring that my inner child likes the woman I become.