Monday, 9 January 2012

revolutionary road

* Frank & April Wheeler

* Aprils malaise and dissilusionment with what her life has become

* 2008

* Connecticut, Suburb

* 1950's

* based on a Richard Yates novel

* directed by Sam Mendes

* Frank hates his job and April wanted to be an actress (dramatic nature)

Frank visited during the war and loved, but where April has never been - as a means to rejuvenate their life. April's plan: she would be the breadwinner, getting a lucrative secretarial job for one of the major international organizations, while Frank would have free time to find himself and whatever his passion. Initially skeptical...

* Maslows hierarchy of needs

* 'hopeless emptyiness'

* fast pace of life that hasn't changed since

* fast pace of city and the slow laclustre pace of the suburban sprawl - Frank And April work at 2 different paces

* Paris - Frank went there during the war and loved it

* the 'crazy' prophet of truth - John

* a film about people that don't fit

* April attempts a home abortion that backfires

* they want their road and their life to be 'revolutionary' but their expectations are unmet, the only secured, steady way is the way already paved - any deviation is an unjudged route and the consequences are unclear

* dismantling of the nuclear family and the American dream

* the current chaos of divorce, abortion, single parents etc makes the nuclear family seem undated

* 'American Beauty' also by SAM mENDEZ


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