Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mor – Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream


Mor defines itself as a ‘modern apothecary’, focusing on cosmetics and scented candles. An exotic, luxurious brand, products can be purchased from the brands e-boutique and make ideal pampering gifts.


Noir and gold are utilised to create a simplistic but striking effect making the product look both regal and luxurious. My first impression of the product was that it must have been very expensive. It simply looks as if it should be. Flanked by what I believe are golden peacocks, the brand is beautifully decorated.


Priced at $20, you can buy cheaper, so this is most certainly a luxury item, ideal for someone you love.


The earthy, heady scent of almonds mingled with one of my favourite ever smells, innocent, playful vanilla, smells sweet and seductive and very delicious. The only way I can fully describe the scent is that you immediately notice when someone has used this when they walk into a room – it truly is a heady, intoxicating scent. Something about it reminds me of musical notes, like a shrill violin chord.


Soft and melty as butter, you don’t have to wrench your hands to moisturise them with this.


Bang for your buck

We’ve established that you can purchase cheaper hands creams and lotions. Favourites of mine include large tubs of Vaseline and doublebase cream, but this is a luxurious present for a special someone or as a treat. My mother was given this product after she had recovered from a strenuous hospital spell, and I think this range is ideal for such occasions when you want to feel a little extra special. The scent is one of my favourites ever and the brand is aesthetically gorgeous. This isn’t a product for the household, it’s a one person only gift!

Does it work?

So let me tell you that this product describes itself as containing ‘candied almonds blended with sugar blossom decadently layered upon a base of smooth vanilla create this sweetly sophisticated bonbonerie’. Doesn’t that sound amazing to you? Promoting softness and revitalisation, containing shea and cocoa, sesame oil and glycerine, hands feel and look gorgeous and just smell so sensual too!

Does it last?

My mother and I use this product sparingly after we wash our hands and the 100ml of the product are lasting us.

Would I repurchase?

We were gifted this but did we like it enough to repurchase? As much as I loved this, I think I would opt for cheaper items, and perhaps splurge on this as an occasional treat for a friend.

Instructions for use

No rocket science here. Apply to hands and rub in, particularly after you wash the hands or come into contact with winter weather.