Friday, 30 December 2011

12 'Resolutions'

Inspired by a fellow blogger, I've decided to share a list not so much of resolutions but of things I want to achieve if not next year (and it wont be feasibly possible to do them all) then at some point over the next few years.

The reason for this is that resolutions themselves can feel pretty stifling...'by the end of this year I must have done x, y and x...'...and it's just not always realistic to always accomplish something in a year...most resolutions really are more long-term goals that tend to fall by the wayside due to the resolutions tag. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we give ourselves a time limit and a start date but with no real build up. Its like asking someone to run a marathon on the 'bang' of January 1st without so much as a hamstring stretch.

So I've decided instead to share a few dreams and desires of mine that I wish to pursue over the next year and beyond, things I've always dreamed of doing with no hesitations and no limitations, and the great thing about this list is that it doesn't matter how crazy, inane or impossible those things may be, because at the end of the day it's just a list and I think you can learn a lot about people from the lists they make and the answers they give to certain questions that expose more about who they really are and what they really want.

So jabbering aside, here is a list of things I hope to achieve or experience in 2012 and onwards!

1) Camp America - Note to self: at least consider applying. I've always had this dream of a great American road trip, hindered only by the fact that I can't drive and have a worse sense of direction that a blind battery hen. Plus, I have a bit of an obsession with all things American.

2) Go on that All American Road Trip - This is the logical progression of my Camp America Trip. Drive around or be in the car of a licensed driver, and see all the sights that the US of A has to offer.

3) Communicate with a gorilla using sign language - This one might sound more random and essentially it is. Ever since I saw Koko the gorilla watch a movie and express herself using sign language, I really wanted to have the opportunity to communicate with a gorilla myself in this way. I am so obsessed with animals I should probably be one (and arguably I am) but gorillas hold a special place in my heart. I'd love to just wander through a forest 'chatting' with an ape...holding onto the faint fear that it may decide to rip my head off at any moment and eat my remains.

4) Finish at least one novel - Another one of my life long loves is writing which was of course my main motivation for starting a blog. I always have a bazillion and one ideas for stories and then struggle to flesh them out and make them real, and then the middle kind of collapses in on itself and I have no idea how to dig myself out of the hole I've created. I'd love to complete a novel so that even if it was never published I could read it to any potential kids or grandkids I may have. Never know - it might rake in some money when I'm dead!

5) See the pyramids! - I've kind of romanticised my notion of Egypt to an unhealthy extent. Just like Americans travelling to England expecting to see Mary Poppins and Oliver Twist running around, I half expect Tutankhamun to greet me at the airport himself. As such I can only be dissapointed, but I just really want to see the pyramids!

6) Learn piano - I'm quite envious of people who can play an instrument and play it well. Past all the technical, fiddly hours of frustration, I think it's an amazing way to unwind and relax. I chose piano because I love the sound and the simplicity compared to other instruments. I'd love to play the Violin but I don't think I have the patience for that!

7) Win a writing competition - I've entered a few competitions and though I've always received positive feedback, I've never grasped the coveted position of first place. I would just love the recognition (and the prize money).

8) Learn to cook - As in, really cook! COOK WELL. I can cook but just a lot of basics. I'd like to be able to pull off some more complicated and exotic recipes. God knows when I'll find the time in between learning all that sign language and piano!

9) Start meditating - I've tried a few times but I get bored and get up. There's something about sitting still, closing your eyes and emptying your mind that is surprisingly hard to do. I think it would be good for me would teach me to let go, stop being a clock watcher and be more patient.

10) Learn to drive - eventually. To be honest this isn't high on my priority list but it's still something I'd like to be able to do. But I'm only learning automatic. I can't be arsed with manual.

11) Keep in touch with family - It's so easy to get so stuck in your own schedule that you take for granted the people that you value the most (this also applies to friends). I hope I will make more effort with the people I care about even if countries and time zones separate us.

12) Declutter - Like my grandmother before me I have a real aversion to throwing anything away which I believe is a genetically inherited tendency. It's all there somewhere, my year 1 maths book, that key ring I bought in Florida, birthday cards I'll never look at again...I don't want to throw away anything but if I don't need it and I don't want it, I really gotta learn to let it go.

If you want to check out the blog that inspired my post please visit

I hope you enjoy making and not breaking your resolutions for this year!

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