Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wants My Meat

Yum yum, wolfy wants to eat!

Yum yum, wolfy wants my meat!

His eyes grow large, he starts to growl.

He imagines me falling, bruising, saying ‘ow!’

I pull my cloak above my head.

The wolfy is picturing me dead.

But not before he gets me in grandmas bed.

If I had a gun, i’d pump him with lead!

My heart it starts to skip a beat,

I’m skipping down a country street.

The flowers they all fall away,

It's a pretty summers day.

The wolfy looks a friendly sort,

in clothes he clearly hasn’t brought.

But suddenly i’m suprised to see,

its not a wolfy staring at me.

Looking at me is my biggest fan.

Why looking at me is a man!