Monday, 9 September 2013

10 ways to add a HOOK to your look...

1. Red Lips
Rita Hayworth and her signature red lips
Red lips are as classic as the little black dress. There is a shade for everyone, and they immediately make you appear seductive, sultry and glamorous with an old world appeal.

2. Gold Nails
Gold is a colour that just screams luxury and that's how wearing it on your nails will make you feel: luxurious.
3. Blue/Green/Gold or Red Eye Liner

I couldn't choose between these four gorgeous colours because they are all so striking. Engage others with your eyes by truly making them pop and treating them like the jewels they are.

Blue: Electrifies Eyes.
Gold: Enlivens Eyes
Green: Mystifies Eyes
Red: Emboldens Eyes

4. Gold Lipstick
Gold on the lips is a really powerful signifier. It will make every word and every kiss truly luxurious. Gold also lends a great warmth and fire to the complexion.
5. Beauty Spot
Marilyn Monroe made the beauty spot famous. It adds a childish mischievousness to a look and adds a point of interest to a classically beautiful face.
6. Piercings
Piercings can look feminine and again add a point of interest to a look. There are many interesting piercings to experiment with. My favourites are ears, navels and noses, but I've also seen a few very beautiful eye brow rings!
7. Tattoos
It's true that tattoos are somewhat overdone in the 21st century, but an unusual, unique and beautiful tattoo is still possible to achieve. If you consider the body to be a blank canvas, you can really enjoy filling it with meaningful artwork.
8. Anklet
Anklets draw attention to the foot and ankle; a very feminine and exquisite spot. The Victorians used to be very particular about drawing attention to this area, even going so far as to cover piano and table legs.
9. Wearing White
Wearing white has numerous positive connotations, but wearing white around the face quite literally illuminates it and lends it an effervescent glow.
10. Add Colour
Inject as much colour into your outfits as possible. You'll feel happier and more expressive.